I just wanted to say thank you. It was easy and quick. My family never felt pressured and thanks to you guys we found a great place to live”
Huntington Beach, CA
Good job on the house! You kept me informed like you promised and my kids never knew we were short selling the house, they were excited to pack everything in boxes; 5 and 7 year olds… go figure. Thanks Guys.”
Los Angeles, CA
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” ( Our client attached this note to 1 dozen Sprinkles Cup Cakes. )
Phoenix, AZ
American Family Short Sale,
Thank you so much for the quick and handling of my short sale. Your time and attention are very much appreciated.”
– Temecula, CA
I just wanted to Thank You for taking on my short sale. I did appreciate the way you quickly answered my emails and chat sessions. Everyone is so polite and resourceful. I don’t think I waited more than 20 minutes for an email back regarding updates.”
– San Francisco, CA
I was very happy with American Family Short Sale. I loved to chat with you guys. It was so easy and convenient. I never had an issue or felt misplaced. You are really really good people. Thanks again.”
– Stockton, CA
My family and I wanted to say thank you! You were always there when we had questions. I remembered I sent you a chat over the weekend and you had already replied and answered my questions by Monday morning. you need to know that we appreciated it.”
– San Diego, CA
Out of all the websites we had gone to, yours was always attentive, resourceful and there was always somebody there to answer our questions. Either on chat, email, or phone, someone was always there. I think that was what made the process so easy.”
– Reseda, CA