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“It was easy and all planned out for me before we got started.My lender quickly approved my short sale & gave me more than enough money to move.”
– Geraldo G. from Santa Ana

“My lender is BofA,as you know they are tough cookies.I was surprised at how receptive they were and agreed to all of our terms quickly. American Family Short Sale; They are the best!
– Stacie F. from Manhattan Beach

“The advice you gave me and the plan you put me on saved me thousands of dollars.I was so surprised when you negotiated my lender to pay all those fees!.”
– Allen J. from Simi Valley

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About American Family Short Sale

We negotiation with your lender(s) so that you may walk away from your property without having to owe anything to your mortgage lender. You will have no taxes to pay, no liability and no debt. You can start fresh. 95% of our clients have more money in hand after they short sale compared to when they start the short sale process with us. Fill out the form to find out how much your lender will give you.

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